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About us

An HR consultancy highly specialised in the development of 360° feedback tools for nearly 20 years
  • Founded in 1998, our mission is to interpret perceptions in a quantifiable and visual way.
  • Year after year, we have demonstrated our commitment to leveraging the 360° feedback approach to provide both insight and inspiration.
  • In addition to our turnkey 360° feedback tools, we also offer tailor-made solutions allowing you to create your own 360° programme
  • To date, the company has completed more than 280 projects nationally and internationally
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  • « It is never too late to be who you might have been » George ELIOT

  • « There can be no real progress except within ourselves » Julien GREEN

  • « The thought begins with the question » Victor HUGO

  • «To be is to be perceived » George BEKERLEY

Our tools are based on experience gained from our many different business projects and have been validated by industry experts.

They are practical tools that help organisations and their managers gain a better grasp and understanding of situations, enriching their thought processes and allowing them to make the right decisions at a time when making a wrong choice can have negative consequences…

- Many years of experience collaborating with HR directors and managers in international companies.
- A network of qualified coaches in different countries, all trained in the implementation of VSC’s 360° tools.
- A mix of HR, statistical analysis and cross-cultural skills.
- The ability to provide customised post 360° support.

Results are confidential: the report is your exclusive property
Detailed information you can rely on
A clear idea of how your managerial methods and behaviour are perceived in different contexts
A clear analysis of the differences in perception of different groups of respondents

We chose to work with VS Consulting to set up a 360° feedback programme for senior executives. The ability to customise the questionnaire based on our core competencies, to track participants and their respondents during the implementation phase, and especially the quality of both the verbal and written feedback meant it was a unanimous decision..
Head of Executive Management and Development

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To help you:
To promote individual awareness and develop positive behaviours
To strengthen the behavioural model endorsed by the company
To target individual development plans and actions