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We chose to work with VS Consulting to set up a 360° feedback programme for senior executives. The ability to customise the questionnaire based on our core competencies, to track participants and their respondents during the implementation phase, and especially the quality of both the verbal and written feedback meant it was a unanimous decision..
Head of Executive Management and Development


Valérie Servant Consulting was chosen by the business based on its innovative, personalised and flexible approach. The solution they offered was adapted to our objectives, the questionnaires were short and to the point, and the feedback was revealing yet at the same time sympathetic. Our management team was impressed by the accuracy of the information and analysis contained in the feedback - even the most complicated messages were taken on board and understood.
Organizations Development and Learning Director

It is sometimes difficult for members of the senior management team to accept this type of mirror on the wall assessment. So it was with some trepidation that I introduced this innovative approach into the Group. It is clear that after more than 7 years of collaboration with VS Consulting and 3 cycles of the 360° programme, our senior managers agree unanimously that they have been and continue to be inspired by the experience. The listening skills VS Consulting demonstrated throughout the process, their ability to adapt to our corporate culture, and the quality of the feedback interviews are characteristics that undeniably set them apart
DRH France - Groupe Adecco
President of the Board of Trustees Adecco Group

The 360° solutions provided by Valérie Servant are powerful and relevant analysis tools that offer us a very useful alternative insight into our business activities. The readability of the feedback reports and the level of detail they contain not only allow results to be digested easily, but also allow us to identify solutions quickly. VS Consulting has a rare expertise in this field which we find very reassuring
Department Manager - Teams and Personnel
Eurogroup Consulting