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The designer


Valérie Servant is a French national who has lived and worked for several years in Ireland, Tunisia and the West Indies.

She holds two post-graduate diplomas, the first in Human Resources and the other in Research and Statistics, and she has 18 years of experience supporting businesses to her credit .

She first became involved in the design of 360° solutions in the 1990s. Fascinated by the power of this method, developed originally in the English-speaking world, but dismayed by its misapplication in France, she decided to combine her skills in statistics and HR to create her own range of 360° tools.
Her objective is to offer clients a solution that is at the same time beneficial for candidates, revealing for policymakers, and respectful to all parties involved.

Accredited lecturer at the Hofstede Institute in the Netherlands, both her clients and the tools she develops reap the benefit of her expertise and experience in cross-cultural management.

Thanks to the many coaches and consultants who share her vision, her 360° feedback solutions are used today in a number of different cultures and countries.